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Walk this way? Take our famous hiking trails quiz

Put your best foot forward and have a go at navigating our quiz

Which of these walks reaches the highest altitude?

Annapurna Circuit

Inca Trail

Tour du Mont Blanc

Everest Base Camp trek

Which long-distance trail features in Bill Bryson’s book (and the 2015 film, pictured) A Walk in the Woods?

Continental Divide Trail, USA

The Appalachian Trail, USA

The Grand Enchantment Trail, USA

Rideau Trail, Canada

The Camino de Santiago network of pilgrims’ routes comes together in which city?

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Santiago, Chile

Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

George Meegan wrote The Longest Walk (1988) describing his journey on foot from Ushuaia, Argentina, to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. How many days did it take him to walk the 19,019-mile route?





The Coast to Coast walk across the north of England, between St Bees and Robin Hood’s Bay, was first described by which famous walker and writer?

Alfred Wainwright

Ffyona Campbell

Nan Shepherd

Robert Macfarlane

What is the highest point on the Pennine Way in the UK?

Scafell Pike

Leith Hill

Cross Fell

Kinder Scout

Where is the 211-mile John Muir Trail?

The Highlands of Scotland


British Columbia


Which US trail did Cheryl Strayed walk, as portrayed by Reese Witherspoon in the film Wild?

Continental Divide

Grand Enchantment

Pacific Crest

Ozark Highlands

Where did performance artists Marina Abramović and Ulay trek from opposite ends of in 1988?

Kungsleden Trail (King’s Way), Sweden

The Great Wall of China

Hadrian’s Wall, UK

Haute Randonnée Pyrénéenne, Spain/France/Andorra

Which is the UK’s longest walking trail, excluding the unfinished England Coast Path?

Offa’s Dyke path

Pembrokeshire Coast Path

South West Coast Path

West Highland Way

You’ll encounter Devil’s Dyke on which UK long-distance trail?

The Ridgeway

The Thames Path

West Highland Way

South Downs Way

Which of these trails passes through the town of Asissi?

Via di Francesco

St Olav’s Way

St Conan’s Way

Camino del Norte

A Time of Gifts describes an epic walk in the early 1930s from the Hook of Holland into central Europe. It was written by a man also associated with heroic war deeds. Who was he?

Laurie Lee

Patrick Leigh Fermor

George Orwell

Eric Newby

Parts of Cloud Atlas, Chronicles of Narnia and Grand Budapest Hotel were all filmed on or close to the Painters’ Way trail. Where is it?





The 500km Lycian Way in Turkey is between which towns?

Fethiye and Antalya

Istanbul and Ankara

Izmir and Bodrum

Bursa and Eskişehir

11 and above.

The route to greatness beckons!

6 and above.

Definitely on the right path … but some shaky steps!

0 and above.

A few too many stumbles and tumbles!

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Probably the best bar in the world: readers’ travel tips

Cocktails on a deck by the Saigon river, a beer on a Portuguese cliff face, and a Belgian bar that might leave you shoeless quench our tipsters’ thirst

We stumbled across Dulle Griet in Ghent last year. It is a fantastic traditional Flemish pub, serving over 500 beers from across the country. The decor was great and staff very friendly. The highlight of the bar is the MAX, a strong beer served in a huge two-litre glass. In an effort to stop people stealing or breaking their glasses, you must give a deposit of one shoe when ordering the MAX, a ceremonial bell is rung and the shoe is suspended in a basket above the bar until the glass is returned. They are limited to one per customer – definitely a wise choice!
Mike L

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Five reasons why it’s not a great time to book a holiday abroad

From 14-day quarantines to arduous airport rules, there are many obstacles to navigate

“Let’s fly,” says the email to me from Ryanair. “We’ve got 1,000 daily flights from 1 July.” Over at easyJet, there’s a “SUMMER SALE NOW ON! Over 1 million seats at £29.99 – book now”. Tui’s site is rather more restrained but it’s open for booking to all the usual destinations from the end of June.

We all know bosses and shareholders of travel industry firms are desperate to restart their businesses. Plenty of their staff are too, as are quite a number of families who reckon the whole coronavirus thing is overblown.

But before you book, consider the following facts. They may all change in the days and weeks to come but this is the situation right now:

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‘It’s an exciting beginning’: Venice opens to tourists

As Italy eases restrictions further, we report from Venice, where hotels and restaurants are eager to welcome back overseas visitors but some fear a return to mass tourism

‘We leapt at the chance of visiting Venice. The idea of seeing it with hardly any people was too good an opportunity to miss.” Marco Schmandt and Nina Goretzko are standing outside Venice’s railway station, checking Google Maps for directions to their B&B.

The pair are German students who arrived in February from Berlin to study at Florence University, where they have been in lockdown since March. “I have been several times to Venice but this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The train was no problem – we just had to wear masks – and now here we are. What is more we found a friendly family-owned B&B, just off Piazza San Marco, who offered us 50% discount, so we are able to take it for four days,” says Marco

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Top 10 budget beach hotels and B&Bs on Mexico’s Pacific coast

Enjoy ocean views from rooftop bars or just step out and get the sand between your toes. From Mazatlán to Pochutla, here are 10 charming beachside escapes

Mexico’s Pacific coast, more than 1,000 miles of it, is renowned for its beaches, as well as the resorts which have attracted Hollywood royalty. However, it’s also an area that can experience tropical storms, usually between June and December. The most recent was Hurricane Patricia, the strongest hurricane ever recorded at sea, which swept across the region at the end of October, but caused less damage than anticipated. Hotels are now operating as normal.

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Top 10 budget beach hotels, guesthouses and hostels on the Yucatán peninsula, Mexico

Well-known and deservedly popular for its jungle, coast and ancient ruins, the Yucatán peninsula can be a pricey place to stay – unless you pick one of these brilliant budget hotels and hostels

On the surface, this mid-size hotel in Cancún’s hotel zone is pretty unremarkable. The tile-floored rooms are big and clean, with terraces or balconies – though they’re not notably stylish. The restaurant is good, not gourmet. The pool is a sensible size. But set this against its glitzy, high-rise neighbours and check the rates, which are often lower than similarly appointed hotels on the mainland, 30 minutes from the water – and Beachscape starts looking pretty good. Then walk out on to the palm-shaded beach, one of the prettiest stretches in the hotel zone, and the place becomes a minor miracle.
• Doubles from $109, +52 998 891 5427,

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Top 10 budget beach B&Bs in the Seychelles

The Seychelles islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue may be known for their luxury resorts but there is also a great selection of family-run, more affordable guesthouses just as close to the archipelago’s famous, world-class beaches

For a room with a five-star view, Colibri is hard to beat. Nine rustic rooms – all wood and stone – ensconced amid tropical foliage that tumbles down a hillside to the turquoise waters of Baie Sainte Anne. There’s no beach but you can use the small infinity pool overlooking the bay at neighbouring B&B Chalets Cote Mer, also owned by Sylvie and Stephan, and costing about €10 more a night. You also share the waterfront creole restaurant. The owners can help with car hire but it’s a five-minute walk to a bus stop – which will take you to Praslin’s most famous beach Anse Lazio and the Unesco-protected Vallée de Mai nature reserve – and the jetty for ferries to Mahé and La Digue.
Doubles from £112 B&B, +248 429 4200,

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Top 10 budget beach guesthouses and B&Bs in South Africa’s Western Cape

From Cape Town and its peninsula to the Garden Route and the West Coast, the Western Cape is a dazzling part of South Africa, and its beachside accommodation doesn’t have to break the bank

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How to fend off your conspiracy obsessed relatives during the holiday season

When Uncle Ted has a few drinks and starts screaming that the world is flat, have a few tactics ready to counter his bizarre rants

It’s the holidays: time for eggnog, ironic Christmas sweaters, and interactions with relatives you’d avoid like the plague if you didn’t share DNA.

Perhaps in past years, you’ve argued politics over the dinner table. But thanks to our internet echo chambers, things may now get even weirder. You could find yourself not just arguing over Donald Trump’s impeachment, but also over whether the president and Robert Mueller were secretly teaming up to expose Tom Hanks as a cannibal; or whether the Federal Reserve exists because JP Morgan sank the Titanic; or whether Meghan Markle is a robot.

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Forget Bali, I found bliss in the blandness of a chain hotel | Emma Brockes

Four days spent alone in Florida pushed me to the limits of boredom. But it was just what I needed

I was in a chain hotel 20 miles north of Orlando for meetings that would last, on and off, for four days. This was not a holiday resort. Outside, the rain was bathwater warm, the pool windswept and empty. Inside, guests wandered the conference facilities, lanyards swinging. The breakfast buffet was like the idea I’d had as a child of how millionaires live: all the pineapple you could eat. It is a truism of escape plans that the problem with going anywhere is that you take yourself with you. But there is an exception to this, and I have found it. Burnt out? Always yelling? So tired you would gladly hand over your humanity to Elon Musk for a chance to become fully digitised? There’s another way. Open Google Maps, find a place that is not a place but, rather, on the way to other places, and select the blandest hotel you can find. Then go and sit in it for four days. I swear to God, it’s better than six months in Bali.

I thought about sending an email and didn’t. I took a three-hour nap, went downstairs and ordered more wings.

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Spain road trip: Granada to Almería

The Alhambra marks the start of a drive taking in historic cities, a river valley and mountains – and ends in Almería’s spaghetti western desert

Granada is dominated by its mighty Moorish fortress, the Alhambra. Book ahead and visit early, at its least-crowded, and then spend the afternoon meandering the narrow streets and plazas of the old town – the Albaicín. Stay in this area at the 16th-century Santa Isabel La Real, with its Alhambra views, (doubles from €95 B&B, parking available).

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French leave: fun places to stay on four routes to the south of France

With the annual summer dash under starter’s orders, we suggest how to turn a schlep into a road trip, staying in treehouses, chateaux and cool hotels en route

From the north-west ferry ports (St Malo, Cherbourg, Caen, Le Havre) down the west of France, via Nantes and Bordeaux, to the south-west

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Coast through summer: 10 itineraries for the UK seaside

Get beach ready with our week-long planners to 10 glorious seaside spots, covering everything from secluded coves to surf lessons, boat rides and places to stay

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Turin city break: the best music, restaurants and culture

Electro music fans are heading to Turin for this weekend’s Kappa Futurfestival, but this also one of the best cities in Italy for culture and affordable restaurants

Without Turin, Italy would be a totally different country. It was pivotal to the unification in 1861 and served as the first capital, until 1865. Its royal palaces were home to the ruling House of Savoy until the second world war and then its factories – and the influx of migrant workers they attracted – were integral to the economic miracle that rebuilt and transformed the country after it.

Curious, then, that it is so often ignored when people talk about the best places to visit in the bel paese. Italy’s fourth largest city nestles in the foothills of the Alps and snowy peaks are never far from view. There are echoes of Paris along Turin’s central boulevards, and though it’s been more than 200 years since Napoleon’s rule was replaced by the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia, there are still tangible French influences to be found in the city’s rich cultural and culinary traditions.

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Tarifa holiday guide: the best activities, bars, restaurants and hotels

This beach town in the far south of Spain, only a windsurf away from Africa, mixes a surfer vibe with excellent nightlife

It’s the most southerly town in mainland Europe, only 14km from Africa across the Strait of Gibraltar. It’s a 1,000-year-old walled labyrinth with a youthful party scene and a world-class kitesurfing and windsurfing destination. In summer it’s also a destination for families who want just a shady dune, a bar and a place serving fish – all of which are available in abundance along the 35km of coast north of Tarifa, beyond the beaches of Los Lances (home to Santa Catalina castle, an emblem of Tarifa) and Valdevaqueros to Bolonia with its Roman ruins and the seaside village of Zahara de las Atunes. Its community swelled by surfers who came and never left, Tarifa is a curious mix of off-the-beaten-track, cosmopolitan and barefoot cool, an adventure playground that’s home to some of the best places to eat, drink and stay on the Costa de la Luz. It can also be windy. If it wasn’t, as everyone will tell you, Tarifa would be just another Marbella – and no one wants that.

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